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Prized for its versatility, unrefined shea butter (referred by some as organic) has been used in Africa for many years to combat the effects of sun and ageing.
This fair trade unrefined shea butter which we import directly from a co-op in Ghana (not melted down) is a great natural moisturiser rich in nutrients with a creamy texture. It has been filtered (NOT REFINED) to make it suitable for toiletry making.

Please note that we sell our range of butters by weight. Since this butter is not re-melted in jars for sale, we use slightly bigger jars - eg. you would receive a 50g butter in a 125ml jar, a 100g butter in a 250ml jar glass packaging.....

Our saver packs are NOT supplied in jars nor buckets. A great way of re-using any containers you might have at home.

Unrefined shea butter @ Sheabutter Cottage is:
* produced under fair trade
* pure grade A
* unbleached
* non-deodorised
* contains no additives

We purchase directly from our adopted co-op in Gumu - a very very poor village in Northern Ghana. This ensures that the co-op/community receive what is due to them. These people work so hard but unfortunately, most of the time, shea producers are paid too low.
Some shea producers are being paid less than the market value. Obviously, without knowing the quality of shea being offered, it is difficult to compare.
There are so many different grades of shea on the market. Some of these are purchased on the open market or through co-ops. Some producers skip the part of selecting only the good nuts to produce the butter.

I have worked with these shea producers on various dates. They work long hours under the intense Ghanaian sun to produce a box of 25kgs of shea. Their cost of producing a box is about 2.5x what buyers are dictating. We believe in trading fairly and pay them what is due to them. We also support them by donating a percentage of every purchase through our store.




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SAP VALUES: .128(NaOH) .180 (KOH)

INCI : Butyrospermum parkii


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