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Made and crafted by hand, Bone Combs are a perfect combination of utility, beauty, and heritage. They detangle your curls without ripping out your hair, and they are fantastic to style and part your curls. Easy to clean, these combs will last you a lifetime, and their rich caramel color makes them look perfect as part of your styling routine
. Get one of these combs while you can, and enjoy owning an item that has such a steeped history in hair design, and is also incredibly beautiful and useful! Pick one up today!  

  • Heat and colour resistant 
  • Healthy to use on hair and scalp 
  • Strong enough to take out large tangles easily
  • Easy to wash
  • Improves as it ages


These “Bone Combs,” are made from phenolic resin laminate — a 100% organic material that imitates the look, feel, and use of bone.



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