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To be used with your flat iron. Awesome tool for use with any flat iron or blow dryer. Results in smoother / straighter look... Straightening highly textured hair can be a bit difficult. This item makes straightening natural hair a breeze. Results in a smooth press without frizzy ends. This innovative styling comb controls even sections of hair allowing you to more effectively apply heat from your dryer or flat iron. Holds hair taut to help reach every hair strand for smoother / straighter ends. It is designed with a hinged handle that is spring loaded to open when released. When closed the two ends of the comb meet (as the teeth slide into holes in the opposing end) closing tight. This will allow you to "lock" the section of the hair and apply the necessary tension.
  • Allows you to perfectly hold your hair so the flat iron can glide through.
  • Adds tension.
  • Great for use with any flat iron
  • Heat resistant up to 500 degrees
  • Superior strength
  • Can also be used with scissors for a perfectly even trim.

Flat Ironing- Section hair. Place hair in comb and chase the flat iron with the comb down the length of the hair to the ends. Hair must be held very taut to remove frizzy ends. Helps to smooth highly textured hair while straightening. The teeth help to hold the hair taut giving your ends a smooth look.

Blow dry- Section the hair. Place hair in comb and pull through the ends. Hold taut and blow dry.

Trimming- Section the hair. Place hair in comb and pull through to the hair ends. Trim where needed with scissors.


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