Naturalicious Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil 4oz

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Imported directly from Spain, this sweet, soothing oil will have you saying, “adios” once and for all to thinning hair. By applying just twice a day as directed, you’ll start falling in true amor after seeing results within the first month. After using for the recommended full 90 days, you’ll be totally smitten.

The properties of the almonds are what get this hair fiesta started right.

Olein Glyceride, Linoleic Acid + Vitamin D nourish and soothe your scalp

Helps to stimulate blood flow to the roots of the hair

Allows regrowth to happen like magic

INGREDIENTS: Sweet Spanish Almond Oil, Fragrance

DIRECTIONS: One bottle is a 90 day treatment. Apply a small amount of Naturalicious Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil directly onto thinning areas of scalp. Gently massage into scalp. Repeat consistently, 2x daily for 90 days.


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