• The Mane Choice Shear Surgical Precision - PRO Cut & Split-End Eliminator

The Mane Choice Shear Surgical Precision - PRO Cut & Split-End Eliminator

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• The most economical pair of shears in its class.
• A state of the art pair of Japanese Steel shears.
• Extra sharp for superior precision.
• Designed with 3 rings to aid in extra stability for the at home user as well as the professional user.
• FREE Leather Carrying Case


    Our research revealed that the more precise the cut, the longer the ends will be preserved, thus resulting in less trim and cut needs. Using a dull pair of scissors to trim your ends can result in further short and long term damage to your ends and hair. Dull scissors has the ability to chew, tear, shred and rip through your strands just as it would to a piece of thread. Scissors should always float through every cut without adding manual (hand) tension.

    Sharing scissors can aid in many underlying hair and eventually scalp issues if not properly sterilized. This is why we offer a free leather compact carrying case with every pair of shears....because we encourage our customers to take their personal pair of scissors with them when traveling to a salon. This protective case protects the scissors as well as the user.

    A must have to the ultimate healthy hair regimen.

    Our shears are built to last and will withstand the test of time.

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