Fonex Professional Gummy Styling Wax Matte Finish - Green 150ml

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Hard waxes are useful assets but they often aren't what people are looking for, with less-artificial finishes being a more popular look in today's day and age. Fonex Styling Wax Matte Finish is designed to provide more natural finishes without weighing down on hair. In fact, this creamy wax actually emboldens it, giving hair a volumising lift that accentuates messy styles in a matte manner both healthy and fashionable


Apply Fonex Styling Wax Matte Finish to dry hair by massaging into palms before working through.

Why it Works

Fonex Styling Wax Matte Finish is so effective due to its creamy texture, marking a radical change to most other waxes. Incredibly light, hair is able to be coated and styled without being inhibited in the slightest by the wax?s consistency. In fact its nourishing formula encourages hair health for a body boosted appearance with movement and texture that remains strong throughout the day.


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